Friday, 21 June 2013

Dry Eyes Syndrome

                             Dry eyes syndrome is characterized by eye irritation resulting from a change in tear film. It can either result from decreased tear production as in many diseases or it can be a effect of  some external factors like use of contact lenses or excessive use of computers. 


           A person with dry eyes typically complains of

  1. Itching 
  2. Burning
  3. Redness
  4. Tiredness of eyes
  5. Foreign body sensation 
  6. Photo phobia sometimes
Usually the symptoms progress over the day with relief after a good night's sleep.


  • Extended contact lens use.
  • Long working hours on computer.
  • Post lasik surgery.
  • Drivers exposed to excessive air.
  • Then there are disorders like sjogren's syndrome which causes dry eyes.


  1. The best thing one can do is blink more frequently while working on computer. The normal blink rate is 15 -18 per minute but we forget that while staring at computer. 
  2. Use contact lens judiciously with adequate breaks in between.
  3. Use artificial tear preparations which are preservative free. They can be used without any harm for sometime. If it still persist then a visit to an Ophthalmologist is necessary.       


  1. Great post!I have this and i use artificial tears.I will also follow your other advice and i found your article very helpfull!Thanks!

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  4. Spending many hours in front of my laptop this problem looks familiar to me but, I try to take care of my eyes!

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  12. This is so interesting! The optician told me I have dry eyes and they don't really affect me apart from when I'm outside. I look like I've been in floods of tears by the time I arrive anywhere. Thank you for sharing.

    Lindsey. x

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