Sunday, 31 March 2013

Nature's Way - The Healthiest Way

   Guys this is Dr Sushma here today I am starting my blog at " www.naturehealthsecrets.blogspot.in " which is basically about simple and healthy ayurvedic home beauty tips. Day by day because of stress, pollution, diet and life style u must have noticed that our skin is becoming dull and hair going lifeless and then also we don't pay attention on this ! Usually we think going to a parlour once in a while to look beautiful is enough but guys and gals don't you think we are forgetting that its a pretty short term and superficial repair. So to be healthy and look beautiful we must take care of our selves in a deeper and better way. I know, I know if I' ll say, " don't take stress because its harmful for our health and skin ", it wont be possible. And that is why we should go for alternatives to keep us fresh and healthy. 

                                 As I myself is a doctor in Ayurvedic Sciences I know its pretty difficult to find good home remedies online from so many available sites, so finally I started trying some of my own formulations and then I thought why not share them with you all! And give you the best of them, to make it easy for you to have a healthy and beautiful skin ! Nowadays we all work in the same busy schedule, so I can advise you those formulations which you can make and use easily even without much trouble and time also. And guys we all can use these formulation I mean guys and girls both to get awesome results. One more thing you can ask me any health related problem about you or about your friends at " www.naturehealthsecrets.blogspot.in " and I will try to answer them as early as I can so be free to ask me and its free of cost too!